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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my password when locked out?

Should you need a password reset please reach out to your account Administrator, an Administrative User for your company can provide a temporary password by locating the [Manage User] section from their Administration dropdown. Once in the [Manager User] section, navigate to the user who needs password assistance. Next, click on that user/individual. Then provide a password and reconfirm that password. If the user happens to be locked as well, locate the [UNLOCK USER] button prior to providing the password.

Will my browser save my password?

This is a browser specific option. Please be mindful that if you are using a password “saver” this is a tool provided by your browser and is independent from VirtueRN. Any time you update your password the new password must be updated from your browser’s password tool as well. If you do not update your browser’s password tool your browser will continue to provide the older/expired password which can lead to your account being locked due to excessive login attempts.

How many characters should my password be and how often does my password expire?

A VirtueRN password must be at least 8 characters long. Passwords must contain at least one Alpha character and one Numeric value. Passwords expire every (90 DAYS) and cannot be reused.

How to assign a location to a new or existing user? (User Profile & Approved Locations)

When the user profile is being created, please pay attention to the bottom half of the screen. You should see 2 options that state [Authorized Locations] and [Unauthorized Locations]. To add a location(s) to the user please select the [ADD LOCATION] button to move from Unauthorized to Authorized.

How do I add or edit catalog Items?

If an item is needing to be added to the catalog/ordering page for your account this should be communicated to your servicing DME provider. Once that DME has received your message, the DME should quickly return an email to VirtueRN requesting the add. The DME will email VirtueRN the item description, preferred image, item type (formulary, non-formulary, sale, etc.), and its pricing. Once that has been provided and entered by VirtueRN, the added item will show in your catalog immediately for ordering.

How do I contact VirtueRN or setup a demo?

Should you need to contact VirtueRN you may use our info email box or click on [CONTACT] from our website This email boxed is monitored during normal business hours and a response is typically provided within 2 hours.

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