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Manage Your Hospice & B2B Contracts -

The smart, efficient, connected way

VirtueRN, a certified Brightree integrator, offers an interoperable ordering portal as a cloud-based workflow solution for your current hospice, PACE, and facility contracts or to expand those markets.

Price Table Mangement

Mobile Technology

Workflow    Mangement

Simple by design, VirtueRN provides an advanced solution for today’s hospice, PACE, and facilities to manage their day-to-day HME needs. Leveraging mobile technology, the platform creates improved visibility and accountability throughout the life of the contract for better performance and profitability for both HME and their B2B customer.

  1. Auto creation of patient profile and sales orders in Brightree

  2. Real-time access and instant notification of item requiring attention

  3. Custom formularies by client per their contracts or specific to their contracts

  4. Formulary compliance and administration with consolidated billing

  5. AutoSync Billing Technology for easy end-to-end billing

  6. Mobile Technology allows for

    • Reduced Phone Calls

    • More efficient ordering process to reduce order delays

    • Access in the field or at the beside

A fast interoperable workflow for better care and increased profitability


Choose software that helps you both succeed and grow in today’s challenging healthcare environment

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